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Asian Designer Week

The Asian Designer Week  is the flagship product of iGenius Entertainment, a sister concern of I-Genius Global Services Pvt. Ltd. and is being organized in association with Femina as Fashion Partner and supported by a group of fashion gurus and top designers in India. ADW was conceived in October 2015 to provide a dynamic platform for top and aspiring designers across Asia while celebrating the common fabric that unites all Asian countries irrespective of the cultural diversities. It is a unique portal that promotes upcoming talent, encourages cultural mix and also provides numerous learning, networking and business opportunities. Unlike other fashion events where the spotlight is on celebrities and big shot fashion designers, Asian Designer Week is the first of its kind where designers from all over the Asia are in the limelight to show their creative work and talent to global audiences.

Asia has numerous cultures and a rich heritage, several traditions and festivals, ethics and values that inspire designers to exhibit them through their unique creations. From colorful fabrics to exotic material, from Bollywood fashion to trendsetting styles from the Far East, from fresh talent to world-class design houses, we present the Asian Designer Week that brings together designers, artists and creative geniuses under one umbrella, for the world to see!

ADW will be instrumental in promoting the Indian Fashion Industry globally through its platforms Asian Designer Week – Autumn Winter & Spring Summer and Asian Designer Men Week.

iGenius Entertainment 

iGenius Entertainment is a media and entertainment company offering services in the fields of Fashion & Events, Films & Television and Video Production, established in October 2015. It is an independently managed sister company of iGenius Global Services,  which is a leader in technology and marketing with operations across India, Europe, Singapore and other countries. With a sole objective to encourage New-Gen designers, business and networking opportunities in Asian Fashion, iGenius Entertainment is organizing the Asian Designer Week (ADW)  – its flagship product, to showcase designers across Asia on the global stage.

iGenius Global Services 

I-Genius Global Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading service provider in technology consulting and marketing to customers across the globe. To cater to the growing interests and opportunities in the fields of Media and Entertainment, it has partnered with its sister company, iGenius Entertainment, to organize the Asian Designer Week (ADW) 2015. Media and Entertainment has always been an area of interest for the organization and with technology and marketing being its forte, iGenius Global Services is providing its expertise and support to make ADW 2015 a huge success.